First Project – Love Our Flag


Hands On Oregon completed our first project in the fall of 2017 just in time for Veteran’s Day!
We dedicated the flag with the residents of the City of Oregon on Saturday, November 11, 2017.

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Repair Conover Square’s South Wall



Preserve a large part of our local history – the over 100 year old Conover Square. To repair the south wall to stabilize the building, make it energy efficient and attractive.

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Description of Work:

  • Remove existing stucco, add 2×6 sister studs for reinforcement.
  • Insulate walls, cover in 4×8 OSB board, add 3 inch strips for passive solar air gap & cover with metal siding.
  • This air flow space allows generated solar heat in winter and exhausts solar heat outward in summer.
  • Paint names and logos of contributors on the south west corner.


Cost Estimate: $105,000



Hands On Oregon is already in MOTION:





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